Internet Access Service Features

Blazing fast internet access at an affordable price. Now that’s a wise choice.

With your Telewise broadband internet access, it isn’t just access you get. You’ll have access to a host of valuable services that make your web surfing easier and safer from the moment you logon. All of our services are free to use and require no additional monthly fee, see how they can benefit you in the chart below.

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Email Boxes With the generous number of email boxes supplied with each of our monthly plans, your whole family can have their own password protected accounts to send and receive with.
Anti-Virus Viruses are an important matter when you’re connected to the internet. That is why we offer complimentary anti-virus software with all of our monthly packages.
Firewall The odds of your computer being probed and potentially attacked by an external indvidual or group have grown exponentially over the years. It is now literally mandatory to have some type of firewall in place to protect your computer from the world. We’re pleased to provide such software in our plans for your peace of mind.
Anti-spam Not all programs and services are created equal. The anti-spam software we bundle with your plan scans and alerts you to programs that may not be what they seem or have a track record of bad intent.
Online Storage Want off-site storage to back up your valuable data? Or perhaps you want somewhere on the web so that you can easily share photos and other files with friends and family? The enormous online storage that accompanies each plan gives you this flexibility.
Bandwidth You will be amazed at how much data you can send and receive with our broadband connections at lightning quick speeds. Best of all, our monthly bandwidth usage limits mean that you can comfortably transmit tons of information.

All included features are subject to change without notice. Included features depend on the monthly plan level selected.